Dr. Feld, ENT physician in Suffolk County, Long Island offers injectable Restylane and Perlane as cosmetic facial fillers. Skin cancers, facial lacerations and broken noses are also treated.
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Dr. Robert Feld of Suffolk and Nassau County - Facial Defect Reconstruction and Cosmetic Procedures

Skin Lesions and Facial Defect Reconstruction

Skin lesions include benign and malignant growths. Examples of benign growths are actinic keratosis, skin tags, nevi (moles), and hypertrophic scars. Examples of malignant growths are skin cancers such as basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. Removing these growths is accomplished by excision and then repair of the skin. Special care is taken to preserve the specimen and send it to the lab for pathology examination. These procedures are done in my in-office surgical suite with local anesthesia.

I also handle even complex cases of facial reconstruction involving flap techniques and skin grafts. I work in conjunction with Mohs surgeons and my role in those skin cancer cases is the reconstruction of the surgical defect.

Cosmetic Procedures

Unfortunately, we all age and our youthful appearance is slowly lost. Injectable facial “fillers” are a nice offering for patients who just want to do something modest and easy. I use two widely trusted products Restylane ® and Perlane ® which I inject in the nasolabial creases of the face (the “parenthesis” lines that start at the nose and curve around the lips) and/or the marionette lines (from the corners of the mouth down to the chin). The injections are done quickly with local anesthesia, if needed. These procedures produce minimal and very temporary swelling and redness. Any slight bruising is gone within a few days. Correction lasts for many months (six to twelve is typical) and can be repeated repeatedly. Our office provides very competitive pricing for this treatment.